65% of Startups Fail BECAUSE OF people problems



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Our boutique growth agency provides guidance in tackling various business challenges, addressing strategic problems, and levels up startups and entrepreneurs. We support entrepreneurs and innovators, early-stage startups, and venture studios to launch new businesses, enter new markets, and commercialize ideas.

Vertical Expertise

We speicalize in supporting founders across SaaS, Web3, FinTech, HealthTech and two-sided marketplaces. We provide full range of resources including supporting founders and entrepreneurs to scale up their organizzations including fractional C-suite executives.

In The Trenches

FounderX has real world expertise with over 10 years experience as founders, advisors, and mentors across a variety of entrepreneurial and startups areas. We specialize in business planning, strategic planning, design strategy, marketing strategy, project management, product strategy, development and go-to-market.We are with you 1:1 - founder to founder providing hands on expertise.

Product Market Fit

Tackling problems that are interesting to solve rather than those that serve a market need is a top reason why so many startups fail. Finding product market parity is essential for success in any business. Is there demand for the problem that your startup aims to solve?
You’ll need to make sure there’s an audience for your product/service, and a way to drive revenue from delivering it, in order to penetrate the market and achieve scalable growth.

The Cusotmer - Product Loop

Ignoring users is a tried and true way to fail. Tunnel vision and not gathering user feedback are fatal flaws for most startups. Fine tuning UI/UX drives adoption and evangelism with users.


Fractional or Interim Executive -CMO, Strategy, COO.
Media Placement in Forbes, Entrepreneur, International Business Times, and more...
Web and Mobile App Design & Development.
Cyber Security, Blockchain Security & Smart Contract Audits.
Blockchain Development.


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